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Launched in January 2019, the Dynamic Body Technology Prediction Lab is a new service aimed at empowering therapists to make better informed decisions around patient treatment, using predictive technology and analysis.

We are the exclusive global license partners – with The Biodynamics Institute – for analysis tools which have been back-tested over 6000 patients with a 84% accuracy rate.

For the practitioner whatever it took to inspire you to embark on such a career, you want to do it, to the best of your capabilities, and this is where our program is designed to assist you to work to your full potential, in order to achieve the highest outcome for the patient and yourself.

What we do to create a successful Patient Outcome?

1) We want to create a sustainable patient/ practitioner interaction,

In other words we want to create an out the box relationship between patient and practitioner.
This relationship is one that not only focuses on the treatment, but one that is also very informative to both patient and practitioner. This is to be a process whereby the practitioner can rope the patient in and around the process of treatment.

2) The Predictive and Preventative Program (PPP)

This is a unique and different method of engaging the patient by the practitioner. PPP is not about a set of exercises, therapy or orthotics that will act like the magic wand. It is a means of the practitioner gaining another form of data and a very well informed means of knowledge that gives the root cause/s of the patient’s problems. It helps the practitioner time in solving the problem and become more efficiency in solving it, The outcome gives the practitioner and patient more confidence in solving a problem, a problem that has taken a long time to develop and a good probability of preventing other problems occurring .It’s also a good time for the patient to reflect on the good and the bad of its skeletal/ muscular function, the strong and the weak parts of the body, thereby taking a positive action to remedy.

3) Means of measurements

By using the PPP system it makes it easier for the practitioner to do a double evaluation.

By this we can evaluate if
a) The patient is compliant with the treatment prescribed
b) The practitioner is successful in her treatment protocols
This is done by physical measurements that we have protocols for, e.g. 1 R M and kinematic visuals on ROM
c) All results are in a visual and graphic in display, so it is easily read and understood by both patient and practitioner, so they can both understand their position which will lead to more constructive action.

4) PPP evaluation and outcomes

We are wanting you the practitioner to be on top of your therapeutic regime by using PPP to form a quality and personalized bonding with your patients thus increasing your patient flow by word of mouth referrals the gold standard in medical practice advertising.

The aim of PPP is to create a worldwide platform of practitioners whereby all data is placed at their usage, so they can use all data for reference at any time, for comparison, forum discussion projects, conferences and any other form of usage they might think of.

The future of PPP is to create a network of practitioners to engage among themselves in a highly informed manner, thus creating a universal learning forum.

You can either subscribe to our Prediction Lab service here or purchase our 3D Joint ROM tool and have a subscription bundled into your purchase.