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[LISTEN] Concussion at the coalface of collision sports. An audience with Prof Jon Patricios

By Insights

In this BJSM podcast, we hear from Associate Professor Jon Patricios, a South African Sport & Exercise Medicine physician who has extensive experience of working in Rugby Union. He has an interest in concussion, having written the concussion protocols for the BokSmart injury prevention programme and he is a member of the World Rugby Concussion Advisory Group.

In this discussion, we discuss (among various things)

– How things have changes from an immediate care point of view
– How the HIA works at present?
– The tools available that could help pick up a concussion at the
professional level
– What happens after match-day in terms of follow-up/advice
– Clinical tips in terms of communicate the protocol to players/staff
– Common pitfalls do you encounter when it comes to RTP after a concussion