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[WATCH] Quick Fix for Shoulder Pain

By Insights

Are you suffering from shoulder pain and looking for some kind of treatment? The team from Total Motion Physiotherapy have put together this great educational video which will give you some easy -to-apply exercises to assist you.

Give us your thought on this treatment:

Remember that you can use our 3D Joint ROM tool to measure Range of Motion accurately and in real-time.

Measuring Range of Motion using 3D Joint ROM

By Insights

Current research guidelines suggest that academics gathering data on Range of Motion (ROM) may allow for up to 10 degrees “margin of error” when measuring ROM using traditional tools. Our 3D Joint ROM tool takes data gathering to a whole new level with highly accurate ROM measurement in all 3 planes simultaneously.

We expect this to become increasingly important in the clinical environment as one of the global trends emerging in healthcare is that therapists are moving toward outcomes-based or evidence-based therapy. Subjective analysis is coming under pressure from patients who expect to be able to see a measured, objective outcome to their therapy.

The 3D Joint ROM tool provides an easy to implement tool for demonstrating improvement of ROM in real-time.

You can see 3D Joint ROM in action HERE or purchase it  through our online store. If you have further queries around the tool, you can e-mail

[LISTEN] Youtube Marketing For Healthcare Providers

By Insights

Since forming our business, we have been passionate about encouraging healthcare professionals to embrace technology as a way of doing more [and better] business. When we ran our original “Practice of The Future” event earlier in the year, we were surprised at the reluctance of healthcare professionals to embrace technology.

From time to time, we identify learning materials which can assist clinicians to use technology to better engage their clients.

In this podcast, Dr. Sebastian Gonzales explains how he used tools like YouTube to grow his practice.

Gonzales covers:

  • How to discover your audience
  • How to create for your audience
  • What mental barriers you’ll need to overcome as you create
  • How to pick your topics
  • Links to more valuable practice building content