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Measurement of Proprioception

Measuring Proprioception / Kinesthesia Using 3D Joint ROM

By Insights

Often referred to as the “sixth sense” in humans,  Proprioception is defined as “the sense though which we perceive the position and movement of our body”.

It could further be defined as

“The awareness of the body in space. It is the use of joint position sense and joint motion sense to respond to stresses placed upon the body by alteration of posture and movement.” 

In the past, therapists have been utilised subjective analysis to see whether a patient is able to return a joint to a pre-determined position or starting point.

Therapists can now use the easy-to-set-up 3D Joint ROM tool to test and measure proprioception and feedback to patients in real-time. You can also use the tool to analyse trends – improvement / decline in Proprioception or Kinesthesia across multiple sessions and this could prove valuable in a medico-legal environment.

You can see 3D Joint ROM in action HERE or purchase it  through our online store. If you have further queries around the tool, you can e-mail