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World rugby’s injury prevention journey: Sir Bill Beaumont gives the view from the top

By Insights

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup kicking off shortly, much of the focus is going to be on the effective man-management of key players and ensuring that players remain injury-free.

In this latest podcast, Dr Martin Raftery and Dr Ross Tucker join the BJSM to discuss World Rugby’s injury prevention journey, and most recent player welfare initiatives. We also hear from World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont on how rugby has evolved in this regard.

[PODCAST] Interviewing The Movement Maestro

By Insights

In this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast the team interviews Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, who is a former Division with a passion for movement.

Shanté is the creator of The Movement Maestro, a website and social-media based platform devoted to all things human movement and mobility related.

In this episode they discuss issues critical for physiotherapists looking to build their practices including:

-The importance of understanding the why behind a goal before setting the goal

-Why boundaries are important to set before pursuing your goals

-How to bring human connection into social media

-Building a supportive community that will serve you