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PodChatLive: Episode 53 with Chris Napier [Running Shoes]

By Insights

Picking the right pair of running shoes can make or break your running technique.

In this latest episode of the Podchat Live podcast, Dr Chris Napier: Physiotherapist and Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia (and 2:33 marathoner) summarises his recent BJSM editorial on the logical fallacies in the running shoe debate, and we talk about how runners (both uninjured and injured) should choose shoes, what the evidence tells us (and doesn’t yet tell us), how much focus and attention running shoes seem to get (and whether this is warranted), and is it just all about comfort?

PodChatLive: Episode 52 with Helen Banwell [Paediatric Flatfoot]

By Insights

In this, the final episode of 2018, the team talked to researcher, lecturer and private practitioner Helen Banwell about the symptomtic Vs asymptomatic flatfoot in children (and discussed when to ‘treat’ Vs when not to), the possible importance of asking about family history, conservative Vs surgical management, dealing with worried and anxious parents and orthoses prescription habits for the younger patient.




PodChatLive: Episode 49 with Peter Guy [Foot Orthotic Modifications]

By Insights

In this episode the PodChatLive team chatted with Toronto based practitioner, Peter Guy about his 33 years experience to talk us through his matrix of common modifications for conditions such as peroneal tendinopathy, plantar fasciopathy, plantar plate/capsular issues and neuroma. He also gives us some of his tips for dealing with comfort/tolerance issues and orthoses for high heels.

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PodChatLive: Episode 45; The Physiotherapy Episode

By Insights

The PodChat Live team put together some fantastic content around the world of podiatry and biomechanics.

In this episode, Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths welcome a panel of highly-respected physiotherapists to talk about the inter-disciplinary relationship.

The panel comprises Hamish Vickerman, Tom Goom, Neil Meigh and Kevin Nordanger to talk about how Podiatry and Physiotherapy can/should work together, the overlap between professions, the preconceived notions we have about each others professions and more.

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PodChatLive: Episode 44 – Footwear and Falls

By Insights

In this episode, the PodChat team -Craig Payne and Ian Griffiths. –  talked with Annette Davis and discussed what the evidence tells us (and doesn’t tell us) about footwear and falls, explains the role of the Podiatrist in screening for falls risk and how to communicate effectively regarding this (making a reasonably solid case for all individuals of a certain age to be risk assessed regardless of why they are attending clinic to see you) and also the talks about the reasons that older individuals choose certain shoes and the challenges this can bring to the Podiatrist-patient interactions.



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PodChatLive: Episode 41 with Ben Cormack [Exercise Rehab & Movement]

By Insights

In this episode the PodChatLive team talked with Ben Cormack.

Ben Cormack owns and runs Cor-Kinetic. He is a musculoskeletal therapist with a clinical background in sports therapy, rehabilitation, pain science & exercise stretching back 15 years. He specialises in a movement & exercise based approach with a strong education component and patient centred focus.

The interview covers what he believes are the key components to a successful rehab programme (and why they may fail), along with how we promote self efficacy, empower and motivate our patients and the evidence base behind strength work (and the differences between strength and load tolerance).

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