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Practice Marketing

[PODCAST] Jamey Schrier: Growing your physical therapy Business in 2019

By Insights

Interested in developing your physiotherapy practice in 2019 and looking for tips on how to achieve your goals?

In this podcast Jamey is sharing his practice freedom methodology to practice owners all across the country who are looking for financial prosperity and a better quality of life. His book, The Practice Freedom Method: The Practice Owner’s Guide To Work Less, Earn More, And Live Your Passion, has been an Amazon #1 best seller.

In this episode:

-How to establish a clear vision and find the why behind your goals

-Why comparisons to others will keep you small

-The importance of sharing the narrative behind your practice with your team

-Planning and budgeting for the bottom line that aligns with your goals

[PODCAST] Interviewing The Movement Maestro

By Insights

In this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast the team interviews Dr. C. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, who is a former Division with a passion for movement.

Shanté is the creator of The Movement Maestro, a website and social-media based platform devoted to all things human movement and mobility related.

In this episode they discuss issues critical for physiotherapists looking to build their practices including:

-The importance of understanding the why behind a goal before setting the goal

-Why boundaries are important to set before pursuing your goals

-How to bring human connection into social media

-Building a supportive community that will serve you

Digital Kickstarter Package for new practices

By Insights

As a business, two of our passions are entrepreneurship and helping healthcare practitioners to adopt the use of technology in their practices. If you are recently graduated and planning to launch your own practice in 2019, then we have something for you:

We want to help new practices get online and embrace technology. To that end, we have developed a Practice Kickstarter package for clinicians who are planning to launch new practices in 2019.

Practice Kickstarter package comprising:

  • 3D Joint ROM kit comprising software, strapping and sensors for 12 months
  • domain registration for 12 months
  • 2 e-mail addresses for your practice
  • Basic website configuration with theme including copyright, privacy and anti-spam tools and pages
  • Assistance in setting up your Google My Business account and tips for securing Google Reviews
  • 1 hour free consultation for configuring and optimising your practice billing requirements
  • Assistance in setting up your profile in our “Movement Experts” directory
  • 12 month maintenance of your site including backups and social sharing buttons

The cost for this package is R4750

About 3D Joint ROM

Nominated for two innovation awards in 2018, shortly to be featured in one of the top international medical futurist publications and with a user base comprising academics, biokineticists, chiropractors and podiatrists, 3D Joint ROM is a must-have tool for the technology savvy medical practice.

The tool provides for accurate, real-time measurement of Range of Motion (ROM) for all joints with up to 36 different movement templates available.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Orders must be placed and paid-for in December 2018
  • This offer is only available to clinicians in South Africa
  • Basic website configuration comprises: Basic logo, home page, enquiry form, testimonial page and “about” page. For additional functionality and features, additional charges may be levied.

For more information on this offer, please e-mail


[LISTEN] Youtube Marketing For Healthcare Providers

By Insights

Since forming our business, we have been passionate about encouraging healthcare professionals to embrace technology as a way of doing more [and better] business. When we ran our original “Practice of The Future” event earlier in the year, we were surprised at the reluctance of healthcare professionals to embrace technology.

From time to time, we identify learning materials which can assist clinicians to use technology to better engage their clients.

In this podcast, Dr. Sebastian Gonzales explains how he used tools like YouTube to grow his practice.

Gonzales covers:

  • How to discover your audience
  • How to create for your audience
  • What mental barriers you’ll need to overcome as you create
  • How to pick your topics
  • Links to more valuable practice building content


21st Century Physio Podcast (Episode 12) – Greg Todd

By Insights

In this episode, the team talks to physiotherapist Greg Todd from Physical Therapy Builder and some of the tips and tricks for building your physiotherapy practice.

In this episode, we learn:
– Why you can’t rely on someone else doing the marketing for you anymore
– The 4 keys to building your practice and patient list (energy, trust, confidence, clarity)
– Where the best place to learn great practice marketing is
– What is the number one thing your patients want from you
– How you can continue to work with your patients even when they’re not in your practice

To find out more about Greg and Physical Therapy Builder, head to