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Quality of Movement

Stress fractures and running wearables: The mistake that could mean injuries

By Insights

We are passionate about the world of movement and using technology to assist in the measurement and enhancement of quality of movement.

The multibillion-dollar wearables industry aims to save potential victims from this fate, but a Vanderbilt University engineering professor found a major problem: the devices are measuring the wrong thing.

Working with a local running club, an orthopedic specialist who advises the NFL Players Association and a team of Vanderbilt engineers, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Karl Zelik discovered that sensors only measuring the impact of the foot hitting pavement – which is what virtually all of them do – tell users little about the forces on bones that lead to stress fractures. His research confirmed that the vast majority of force on the bone is actually from muscles contracting, not from the foot’s impact on the ground, a finding widely overlooked by both the wearables industry and many scientific studies.

Check out the video below to learn more:


Measuring Quality of Movement using 3D Joint ROM

By Insights

While Range of Motion (ROM) is an important element to consider for clinicians, the ultimate goal is to measure Quality of Movement.

Our powerful reporting and graphing features allow a therapist to measure and monitor in real-time, the Quality of Movement in real-time.

  • Are the movements smooth or erratic?
  • Is the patient trying to compensate for pain or discomfort by moving the joint through one of the other planes
  • Can you as the clinician identify the exact moment that a patient experiences pain, record that pain marker and revert with objective data to show improvement in quality of movement?

The 3D Joint ROM tool provides a number of features to equip clinicians with the ability to measure the Quality of Movement to demonstrate outcomes or evidence based monitoring and improvement of quality of movement.

You can see 3D Joint ROM in action HERE or purchase it  through our online store. If you have further queries around the tool, you can e-mail