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Tennis Elbow

Why isn’t my patient’s tennis elbow getting better? 3 tips for treating lateral elbow pain

By Insights

One of our more popular posts on our blog was The Physio Matters podcast with Val Jones where they discussed “Tennis Elbow” and treatment options.

We recently came across this great video from physiotherapist David Pope where he looks at “Tennis Elbow”:

In this video, you’ll discover three key research-based tips to help you get your lateral elbow pain patients on track, including:

  • How to make sure you’ve got an accurate diagnosis, and you’re actually treating lateral elbow tendinopathy rather than another presentation
  • Treatments you need to avoid like the plague, that will lead to worse outcomes – Specific exercise instructions you can use with your patients – how much and how often should they get stuck into their strengthening exercises?



Physio Matters Podcast: The Elbow: Tennis & Otherwise with Val Jones

By Insights

Are you treating Tennis Elbow? This 60th episode of the Physio Matters podcast look the subject of Tennis Elbow:

This includes predisposing factors, triage, assessment, treatment, management, prognosis, prevention and more!

The team interviews Val Jones who is a hugely knowledgable upper limb specialist Physio from Sheffield who has helped to promote the ‘E’ in BESS (British Shoulder & Elbow Society) for many years.


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