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injury prevention

World rugby’s injury prevention journey: Sir Bill Beaumont gives the view from the top

By Insights

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup kicking off shortly, much of the focus is going to be on the effective man-management of key players and ensuring that players remain injury-free.

In this latest podcast, Dr Martin Raftery and Dr Ross Tucker join the BJSM to discuss World Rugby’s injury prevention journey, and most recent player welfare initiatives. We also hear from World Rugby chairman Sir Bill Beaumont on how rugby has evolved in this regard.

[LISTEN] The injury prevention myth – predicting, pretending, or preventing sports injuries?

By Insights

Predicting and preventing injuries is seen as the ‘holy grail’ of sports medicine. The literature is brimming with efforts to understand injury prevention, and popular buzzwords such as ‘artificial intelligence’ has seen the emergence of questionable methods to predict sports

In this podcast, Dr Nicol van Dyk speaks to Dr Sean Carmody about current concepts in injury prevention and the validity of the evidence underpinning them. Nicol draws on the experience of his PhD investigating risk factors for hamstring injuries in professional football to forecast the future for preventive efforts in elite sport. Key resources discussed in the podcast have been included below, and if you want to hear more on the topic, Nicol will be presenting at the South African Sports Medicine Association Conference in
October 2019.