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Wyss Institute

[TREND WATCH] This Next-Generation Exosuit Provides Enhanced Mobility Options

By Insights

We love the innovation that is taking place in the world of movement and biomechanics and we are constantly scouring the globe for innovative new technology to guide our thinking.

Check this out:

Researchers from the Wyss Institute of Harvard University have developed a wearable robot that functions to support the wearer in scenarios in which movement capabilities are severely impacted. A sophisticated system of cables, a garment, motors, and cables come together to offer a fully integrated experience. Stefano de Rossi, a postdoctoral fellow in the Wyss Institute, said of the thinking behind the invention, “When people think about traditional robotic systems, they don’t think about something that can be worn by a person. When developing this soft exosuit, we start with the analysis of human biomechanics.”