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[LEARN] Prescribing physical activity with Dr Jane Thornton (Part 1)

By January 3, 2020Insights

In this BJSM podcast, BJSM deputy editor Dr Jane Thornton joins Daniel Friedman to discuss physical activity counselling.

Dr Jane Thornton MD PhD is a sports medicine physician and researcher currently based in London, Canada, and is an international advocate for physical activity. She has a wealth of international experience in the field of preventative medicine, with a particular passion for promoting physical activity as both prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Alongside a super impressive medical career, Dr Thornton is also a World Champion and former Olympic rower for Canada.

In Part 1 of this 2-part podcast, Dr Thornton discusses:
· Why physical activity is the single best thing we can do for our health
· The evidence for physical activity prescription in primary care
· The shared decision making of how to prescribe physical activity to patients
· How to talk about physical activity intensity with patients


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